Baseplan Enterprise has the ability to manage all aspects of fleet management and servicing including, service quoting, service call and job processing, scheduling equipment services, allocation and management of field service technicians, equipment inspections and more.


The Stock module has been designed with a view to simplify day-to-day processes for stock controllers and warehouse personnel. This module offers a fully integrated Reordering process that works at two levels – Basic and Advanced. The basic stock reorder plans are generated by analysing consumption levels using velocity codes. The advanced stock order plans are generated using complex financial modelling that allows smoothing of stock requirements to account for seasonal fluctuations in usage.

The Stocktake process allows stock counts to be completed simultaneously across multiple locations. The Variance report quickly helps identify differences between the expected and actual stock quantities, complete recounts, and make adjustments if necessary.

The Predelivery Wizard is a step-by-step feature within the Stock module that guides users through the process of preparing serialised stock items for sale and integrates with the Sales Order process to sell serialised items.

Stock movements can be better controlled and managed using stock transfers. Branches can easily request, receive or reject transfers from a single screen.

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Purchase Orders

Seamless integration between the Stock and Purchase Orders modules allows POs to be created quickly after the reorder plans are generated. Preferred suppliers are automatically selected for the purchase orders.

Purchase Order limits can be configured by line and sub line types per user. In addition workflow escalation can be configured which follows a hierarchy to identify the relevant authority that can approve purchase orders that are over the user’s limit. Delays can be minimised using escalation rules if purchase orders are not authorised within specified periods of time.

The Purchase Orders module also offers a structured process for creating Requests for Quotes (RFQ) or Requests for Procurement (RFP) from suppliers.

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