Release Highlights

The Release Highlights provide an overview of the latest enhancements and modifications in Baseplan Enterprise. These highlights are available for all major releases of the software.

Version 1901

The 1901 version of Baseplan Enterprise contains various modifications and enhancements.

Some key features include:

  • Customers
    • Ability to merge CRM companies
    • Ability to suppress customer statement generation by customer
  • Rental
    • Enhanced visibility of rental returns
    • Ability to create contacts from the Rental Contract Wizard
    • Delivery of equipment with insufficient quantity
    • Enhancements to the process of invoicing delivery charges
    • Ability to replicate ‘hold billing’ behaviour across contracts for the same site
    • Creation of multiple billing frequencies for a contract
    • Automatic generation of pre-rental inspections
  • Stock
    • Improved control over PDW deliveries through warehouse access and customer credit checks
    • Enhancements to the Advanced Stock Reorder process for more accurate Order Plans
  • Purchase Orders
    • Ability to restrict Minor Codes based on user’s branch
    • Linking one purchase order to multiple sales orders and parts issues
    • Adding internal comments to purchase orders
    • Configuration of multiple supervisors per user for the Approval Workflow
  • Equipment
    • Generation of equipment codes using serial numbers
  • Transport
    • New Transport Request functionality for improved operational alignment
  • Service
    • New Advanced Notes functionality for better visibility of internal and customer communication
    • Ability to record more information about the progress of service jobs and quotes
    • Adding collection notes to service jobs
  • Payroll
    • Ability to add public holidays to pay periods
Version 1803

The 1803 version of Baseplan Enterprise contains various modifications and enhancements.

Some key features include:

  • Assets
    • Ability to configure SA codes for intra-division asset sales and disposals
    • Enhancements to the process of reinstating and crediting serialised and bulk assets
  • Finance
    • Improved invoice dispute process
    • Global customer contact list
    • Automatic reminders for overdue customer invoices
  • Equipment
    • More flexible equipment transfers
  • Service
    • Advanced Checklist functionality for service calls, service jobs and equipment inspections
  • Suppliers
    • New Audit Trail functionality in Supplier Master
  • Rental
    • Automatic posting of returned and billed contracts
    • New billing calculation using cut over start and end times
    • Creation of purchase orders from contracts
    • Ability to charge damage waiver on the list price of items
    • Automatic update of rental start date and time
    • Ability to configure discounts using rental rates hierarchy
  • Sales Quotes
    • Surcharges for Standard Builds
  • General
    • Changes to Template 1 stationery reports
    • New database anonymisation functionality for improved protection of sensitive data
    • Multi-company enhancements
  • Integration
    • New interface to update information using equipment telemetry devices
  • New Prerequisites
    • New IIS/Gateway service requirement
    • New minimum SQL Server version requirement
Version 1802

The 1802 version of Baseplan Enterprise contains various modifications and enhancements.

Some key features include:

  • Equipment
    • Advanced Search functionality in Equipment Availability screen
  • Finance
    • Operational and Financial approval for purchase orders and credit notes
  • Payroll
    • New Single Touch Payroll functionality
  • Service
    • Improved Service Scheduling to better control service call and job creation dates
    • Ability to reverse posted internal, external and manufacturing service jobs
  • Rental
    • Application of branch-level discounts for Associated Items
  • General
    • Enhanced integration with SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)
    • Configuration of user specific dashboards
    • Ability to maintain/update Postcode and Suburb information

Version 1801

The 1801 version of Baseplan Enterprise contains various modifications and enhancements.

Some key features include:

  • Assets
    • Enhanced Asset Activation to create inspections for serialised assets linked to equipment
    • Enhanced Asset Disposal to invoice serialised equipment even when the Sale Price is zero
  • Finance
    • Ability to enter Certificates of Currency information for suppliers
    • Email notifications to collection officers advising when customer insurance is due to expire
    • Automatic attachment of additional documents when emailing rental invoices to customers
    • Enhanced Detailed Aged Trial Balance Report
  • Rental
    • New authorisation functionality for stand downs
    • Ability to indicate if transport is required after rental termination
    • Application of discounts at the rental detail line level
    • Enhanced Time Utilisation report
    • Ability to view rates inclusive of all charges
  • Enterprise Application Installation
    • New storage location for reports to improve search capabilities
    • Enhanced Baseplan Installation folder configuration